A Thorough Explanation

Project cunt, (the Collaboration of Uniquely Normal Teenagers),
Is a project aiming to bring together the video-making skills of tumblr
into one place.

> Submit your videos in the submission box below
We will watch them and publish them accordingly.

hi hello.

Hipster Maintenance


Guide to being hipsta ▲

First week on project cunt. CAKE CAKE CAKE

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Fun-filled Friday festivities 

Ugh basics it wouldn’t upload and I wanted to show my face being new n’ all so here it is.
Next time will be better I promise.


ythgjhgkjhg poo head

The Ben Waddell Show!

In this episode, I express myself through the medium of song.

This video took 15 upload attempts, and it’s only JUST worked.

So appreciate it.

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This blog includes me throwing a sock at my dog, me eating pringles and expressing my love for Alice (alzix).

Yep so enjoy :) (Also sorry for the bad quality because I couldn’t find my camera and had to use my webcam).

Hi, I&#8217;m Ryan.
I&#8217;d make a video but it&#8217;s late but I&#8217;m a new member of project cunt.
There isn&#8217;t much to say but hi :-3

Hi, I’m Ryan.

I’d make a video but it’s late but I’m a new member of project cunt.

There isn’t much to say but hi :-3

Super powers.

(posting because it would lose relevance if not posted this week)